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Dustin is an artist who lives in Philadelphia. Dustin served in the United States Air Force and is a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom. After his honorable discharge he studied Photography at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, where he achieved his Bachelor of Fine Arts. He then went on to achieve his Masters of Fine Arts at The Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia. Dustin strives to create work that strongly encourages critical self reflection by the viewer. He focuses his image making on common place and vernacular structures, and presents them in a way that allows the viewer to analyze their own world view. Dustin has exhibited his work in prestigious galleries such as Gallery 339 in Philadelphia, The Philadelphia Photographic Arts Center, and Perspective Gallery in Chicago. His work is in the collection of the Einstein Medical Center in East Norriton, PA as well as The Provost collection at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA, and has been published in The Photo Review Magazine.

artist statement

My goal is to make work that deals with the basic principles that constitute the human condition. What is essential about being human is that we are beings that are subjectively based and socially constructed. We exist in a reality that we can only view from our own position and that we can only understand from our own point of view. Still, our understanding can only be created from social interaction. We are put in a difficult situation where our ultimate subjective position can leave us feeling separated and hopelessly alone. However the realization of the social nature of our subjectivity can allow us to understand that our participation in, and our acknowledgment of, our social construction is what allows us to be human. I wish to find many ways to deal with this theme. To do this I make work that deals with visual language and symbols in various ways. I attempt to find and arrange images that present the viewer with a situation that allows them to get in touch with the nature of their understanding of the world. Among other things this involves attempting to allow the viewer to find how a particular symbol is defined for them as well as presenting images that expose the viewer to the absolutely vast proliferation of symbols and the human social world. I do not expect everyone or really anyone to look at my work and have a sort of existential revelation. Something as simple as walking up to an image and saying, “You know, that reminds me of…” gives the viewer a certain insight to the nature of their existence. I only hope that the work I make can somehow stimulate my audience to a more fulfilling understanding of their selves, and their relation to the world.


Dustin Ream Photo